Российский рынок вот уже много лет является привлекательным и лакомым кусочком для многих иностранных компаний. Это и неудивительно – страна с населением 145 млн человек являет собой большой потенциал к продажам и расширению бизнеса компаний в нашей стране. И, хотя уровень жизни у нас в стране не такой высокий, как, например, в Европе, всё же Россия – это потенциально очень привлекательный рынок для компаний.

У многих людей и компаний есть задача не просто перевести свой контент/сайт или документ, а локализоваться его. Локализация и перевод отличаются друг от друга. Ведь перевод - это просто "перевод", т.е. перевод предложений и слов в правильной и красивой форме. Локализация же - это адаптация текста "под читателя", с учетом национальных, культурных и профессиональных особенностей читателя.

Many people and companies require their content to be localized, not only translated. Localization and translation differ from each other. Translation is just "translation", i.e. converting words and sentences from one language to another in a most correct and nice form, while localization is adaptation of the text to certain reader(s) bearing in mind their nationality, culture and professions. Localization requires knowledge of specific characteristics of nationality and background of the potential reader.


Today we are going to talk about so called Freelancer’s Trap. What is this? It is when a freelancer doesn’t want to develop him/her self and strives to do everything by himself. The translator doesn’t spend any time on business development.


Today we will talk about what a high quality translation is and how to do high quality translations.

Translations For Marketing Campaigns


Today we’ll talk about translations for advertising campaigns


A skillful, experienced and reliable translator is a sort of a window for a company who intends to embark on a new market in another country. If the company doesn’t translate its materials into a foreign language, it will simply lose a potential promising market.


When translating advertising materials into a foreign language, companies should choose a Russian translator who:


Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to share some ideas about how to choose an #English-Russian translator based on the rate per word or page. Yes, you’re right – today we’re going to discuss money.

What is the standard rate in the field of #englishrussiantranslation in #Russia? Well, I think we can conclude that the standard price for 1800-char page (spaces included) or 250 words is between 200 and 2000 RUB (other countries can show significantly higher rates though). If we convert that into USD, we’ll get 3.3 to 33 USD per page. Such an impressive range, isn’t it?

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about a highly specialized but very interesting subject – translations on Forex and online investments. #2rus translation has collaborated with the leading Forex brokers for several years so far, and the translations we did are shown to millions of traders and users all over the world.