Translations For Marketing Campaigns


Today we’ll talk about translations for advertising campaigns


A skillful, experienced and reliable translator is a sort of a window for a company who intends to embark on a new market in another country. If the company doesn’t translate its materials into a foreign language, it will simply lose a potential promising market.


When translating advertising materials into a foreign language, companies should choose a Russian translator who:


  • by all means skilful and experienced one. He should know the field he is working on very well;
  • knows the subject very well;
  • can recognize the audience he will be translating for;
  • can feel the affections the Russian translation will raise at the readers (if there are no affections, the advertising campaign will have no effect!); It is always the affections that sell – always, anytime and anywhere);
  • …and he definitely knows how to raise such affections at the audience.


Companies: choose translators for your marketing materials bearing in mind the above aspects. And this is the only way you should work with Russian translators. We do WANT to engage new clients and make them feel the affections we intend to raise, don't we? This is the reason you should choose a translator who knows how, who can and WANTS to deliver high quality marketing texts to make them appealing to the target audience.


Translators: you should know how and WANT to deliver the highest quality possible. You should try to interest your potential readers with your texts. You should also try to provide “nice” texts and act as a writers a little bit. This is the approach you should take when translating #advertisingcampaigns and #marketingmaterials.


The English-Russian translator who can do this, IS ABLE to provide high quality Russian translations that suit strict requirements for marketing materials. You should know how to localize the content. That is, to align it to the mentality of the Russian people. In general, localization is another issue we will talk about later. Await further posts to read more about localization!