How To Choose a Russian Translator By Price

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to share some ideas about how to choose an #English-Russian translator based on the rate per word or page. Yes, you’re right – today we’re going to discuss money.

What is the standard rate in the field of #englishrussiantranslation in #Russia? Well, I think we can conclude that the standard price for 1800-char page (spaces included) or 250 words is between 200 and 2000 RUB (other countries can show significantly higher rates though). If we convert that into USD, we’ll get 3.3 to 33 USD per page. Such an impressive range, isn’t it?

If you log on to dedicated websites like, you can easily find many translators ready to work at 200-300 RUB per page. However, this won’t be a high quality job, I’m sure. I’ve worked a lot with translators from within this price range and from this website in particular, and have always had to edit their work.

A good translator won’t work at a rate less than 500 RUB per page, so this should be borne in mind when choosing an #engrustranslator for your texts. And good translators will hardly check job ads posted on Translators’ Town ( It is easily to find them on, for example, though this site has become an exchange where people compete in prices (sad but true). Nevertheless, the level of professionalism of translators on #proz is higher.

This being said, we should closely look at rates the translator claims to receive for his/her work. You shouldn’t choose a cheap translator. It is better to pay a little extra but get good quality. Otherwise you’ll end up having to find an editor to review the translation.

A good and experienced translator with long record of successful projects won’t take a job at less than 500 RUB per page, so do take this into account!

And yes, there is another factor that contributes to selecting process: please also check if the translator has his/her own profile on any dedicated translation websites. But this will be discussed in one of the next posts.

Good luck choosing translators!