Today we are going to talk about so called Freelancer’s Trap. What is this? It is when a freelancer doesn’t want to develop him/her self and strives to do everything by himself. The translator doesn’t spend any time on business development.

What a freelancer suffer most of all from? Well, it is irregularity of workflow and the lack of stability. Today you can find yourself sitting without work (and this can last until tomorrow or even after tomorrow) and then the workflow can become a hurricane making you work as a squirrel in its cage. In view of this, the freelancer appreciates his clients very much and rarely outsources his work orders. Even when he has too many tasks at a particular moment, he prefers working by himself and works 10-12 hours a day in order to do the work in a quality manner, to be sure the quality is high and not to loose his client.

What all of this leads to? It leads to so-called Freelancer’s Trap. That is, he is obliged to work as a freelancer only and do the routine, not spending his time on business development.  If you don’t develop your business, you’ll end up having the same income as you are having today and won’t hit any new highs in business.

Instead of spending 3 hours of his time on business development (writing posts in social media, sending offers via email, working on his website), the translator works on his work orders himself. Yes, he will do them and the quality will be very high, but his business wins nothing out of this, and in the long-term the translator will loose the game: big volumes of work and high income come from business, not from freelancing.

Business is a thing which requires REGULAR efforts to spend on it; you should ALWAYS be spending time on business development. Thinking, analyzing, trying different approaches, posting articles on social media platforms etc. – that is what you should spend your time on. And yes, if we prefer making our business today (and not spending time on the routine), in the future we’ll definitely win and go far beyond the point we’d be in case we do only freelancing. Therefore, we should better outsource our work orders to other freelancers and be developing our business than working ourselves and loose the long-term game eventually.

Good luck with your business!