For many years, the Russian market has been a tidbit for foreign companies who want to obtain a new market and broaden their clientele. This is not surprising: the country with over 145M people offers huge potential to expand companies’ business in Russia. Though the standard of living in Russia is not so high compared to, say, Europe, Russia can be deemed as a very attractive market for large brands and international firms.

In this regard, companies need to localize their content and translate their websites, marketing materials and mailers into Russian language.  Not having good translation of their materials means unsuccessful sales and less profits. By translating and localizing their materials and content, the company "gets closer" to potential customers and the Russian market.

That it why it is important to hire experienced English-Russian translators who are able to provide high-quality product and bring the company’s stance and mission to the Russian mentality.

English-Russian translation of materials, mailers and websites into Russian is a window to the Russian market. This is new opportunities, sales growth and a new market.

Many Russian people love foreign brands and their production. Huawei, Decathlon, Kia etc. are among them. These are high quality products sold at reasonable price. Thanks largely to translators it was possible for companies to have success of the Russian market.