Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about a highly specialized but very interesting subject – translations on Forex and online investments. #2rus translation has collaborated with the leading Forex brokers for several years so far, and the translations we did are shown to millions of traders and users all over the world.

So okay, let’s start with the Forex itself. This subject requires knowledge of tons of highly specialized and rare terms which are hard to translate by inexperienced translators. Let’s take for instance the term “spread”. It has to be translated as «спрэд» into Russian, but not «наценка» or «маржа». «Go long» is «покупать», but not «идти вдолгую» or «играть долго» etc.

To provide quality Russian translation in the field of #Forex, the translator has to be a trader a little bit and know the subject very well. #2rus translation knows how do deal with Forex and #stockmarkets very well! We trade ourselves and we invest in other traders on terms of beneficial ownership.

The Forex niche (and the investments industry overall) is a highly lucrative for translators and translation companies. Why? Because the main customers here are Forex brokers which are ready to pay high #translationrates. Besides, if the #broker is a big and recognized one, its website is constantly updated with new content.  Brokers often maintain promotions which require Russian translations, keep advertising with mailing lists; they update their terms and conditions, add new features to their trading platform etc. And this is why a good broker has many Russian translation tasks at hand. And that means a stable flow of orders and income, too! Forex is a very profitable subject to work in.

But how to provide high quality Russian translations on Forex? First of all, one has to regularly check Forex-related sites and learn the terminology. There are a lot of economic indicators on Forex which have to be learnt and translated correctly. And yes, one has to provide readable and good-looking translations as in case of other industries, too. In general, Forex requires trading by the translator him/herself, even on a demo account.

How to choose a good and reliable Russian translator for your texts related to Forex? Try him/her! Of course you should give him/her a test translation to see the quality he/she can provide. Apart from the test you can talk to the translator to see what he/she knows about the subject and what his/her experience is. Ask the translator several questions and you’ll easily see his/her translation skills. After all, an experienced person can recognize at once what another person knows about Forex and investments in general.

#2rus translation is happy to offer high-quality Russian translations in the field of Forex #trading. We know this field very well! We have worked and currently work for the biggest and recongnized companies from the world of trading and investments. Among them are #xm, #youtradefx, #tradimo, #migbank, #roboforex and others.