Профессиональный перевод текста с английского на русский
и с русского на английский для бизнеса и частных лиц от Алексея Суспицына -
переводчика с более чем 10-летним опытом работы




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What We Offer

Translation of texts, x2 proofreading


Localization of text for target audience


Glossary creation

Localization of DWG drawings

Transferring You Ideas, Not Only Your Words

We Translate For

Financial Companies

  • banks
  • investment firms
  • Forex and stock market brokers


...Manufacturing companies

We also have clients from:

  • oil- and gas- production
  • automotive companies
  • manufacturers of industrial equipment


...For everyone

  • Technology companies;
  • IT and web-developers;
  • Legal firms.

Why choose us

10+ years experience in the industry

Over 4M words translated

A member of the Certified Pro Network (proz.com)

Over 30 big companies we worked for

Our benefits

  • only Russian native speaker translate into Russian;
  • we only translate what we understand!
  • we always think of readers who will be reading your texts... and translate accordingly;

You get excellent translation of your texts. Understanding your genuine goals and localizing your words accordingly. We’ll hear you well and give you quite what you need.

Alexey Suspitsyn, CEO

We always translate bearing in mind the person who reads the translated texts. Being given the Russian translation, he/she (or a group of people) will NEVER, NEVER guess he/she is reading a translation, not an original Russian text or document.

This is how a GOOD translator should work. For us, translation is not only converting English words into Russian ones – it is converting the author’s thoughts into a foreign mentality AND localizing texts accordingly.

Over 100 large projects completed

What people say about us

Olga Vrooman, project manager at ProTranslating, USA

Alexey has been working for ProTranslating for over 3 years so far. Being a translation company, ProTranslating has many major clients from financial, banking and business industry.

In the course of his work, Alexey has demonstrated high standard of knowledge of the subject fields. He has always behaved as a professional translator. He is responsive to requests of our project managers, he sticks to requirements set upon each translation project and never misses deadlines.

It is a pleasure to work with him; I can highly recommend his services as a professional translator.

Alexey is a reliable and skillful translator.

He worked for Roboforex on several translation projects. I found him as a knowledgeabel, skillful and reliable professional to work with. In the course of his work for Roboforex, he translated for us:

- market news;
- technical analysis;
- some marketing materials;
- add-ons to our site.

I highly recommend Alexey as a reliable and skillful translator who can deliver timely and high-quality En-Ru translations.

Alexey has completed several translation projects for PNA Solution.
In the course of our work, we have to deal with many technical documents from various fields of technical expertise. 
Our documents are mainly manuals on various industrial equipment: electrical devices, hydraulic plants, mechanical mechanisms etc.
Alexey deals with all these materials very well. He demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and expertise while working for us.
Among other things Alexey can translate well are the following:

- highly specific technical terminology;
- working procedures;
- legal basis for work;
- technical manuals;
- and so on.

I highly recommend Alexey as a reliable and always ready-to-work translator. His experience proved itself by many of his completed projects.

Our clients worldwide